Scripts read

Here's what we've read over the last 5 years (apologies we're unable to include the scripts). Submit your script for our actors to read at a future meeting.

As always, priority will be given to those who have already attended a few meetings in support of their peers.

London Comedy Writers – scripts read


13th December
Sketch only meeting

28th November
Hues of Maroon by Matthew Oakley
Sketch by Helen Green and webisode by Olly Allsopp

15th November
PITCH SLAP sitcom pitching contest
Won by Katy Littlewood's The Bournemouth Rebellion

1st November
HomieZ by Joanna Tilley
Sketches by Nick Wooster and Simon Wiedemann

18th October
Tom's Cruise by Sam Catling
Sketches by Beth Granville and Maurice Cox

4th September
Fish out of Water by Leighton Roff
Sketches by Maurice Cox and Jordan Birch

20th September
Under Observation by Glenn Cooper
Sketches by Maurice Cox and Paul Mohan

6th September
The Home Front by Al Devey and Tim Williamson
Sketches by Pete James

23rd August
Sitcom by Nina Crane
Sketches by Frank Mariani, Al Devey and Tom Jensen

9th August
Working Stiffs by Cait Davies and Lynn Pinto
Sketches by Maurice Cox and Kevin Whale

26th July
Maverick and Buyder-bouk by Gareth Moore
Sketches by Tom Jensen and others

12th July
Argonauts Assemble! by Glenn Cooper
Sketches by Jonathan James and Al Devey.

28th June
Court in the Act (episode 2) by Philippe Mattocks
Sketches by Nick Wooster, Jonathan James, and Sarit Wilson-Chen and Andy Glass

14th June
St. Agnant (episode 4) of Pete James
Sketches by Roy Granville and John Dangerstreet

31st May
Exclusive by Andy Bodle
Sketches by Adam Wareham, Tom Jensen and Alastair Goff

17th May
Sketch only meeting

3rd May
The Home Front by Al Devey and Tim Williamson
Sketches by Kent DePinto and Gareth Moore and Katy Littewood

19th April
PITCH SLAP sitcom pitching contest
Won by Cait Davies and Lynne Pinto’s Working Stiffs

5th April
Forgotten Tribes by Lee Cornes
Sketches by Jordan Birch and Gareth Moore

22nd March
Bottomrung by Leighton Roff 
Short film by Bertie Smith plus sketch by Jonathan James

8th March
Wheels of Fortune by Kevin Whale

23rd February
Dead Wait (episode 3) by Gareth Moore

9th February
Whatever happened to West Berlin by Glenn Cooper.
Sketches by Leighton Roff and Luz Mosquera, and Nina Millns

26th January
Shirley's Temple by Sarit Wilson Chen and Tova Leigh
Sketches by Helen Green, Ciaran Buckley and Kevin Whale

12th January
Bloggers by Steven Phanides
Plus sketches by Sarit Wilson Chen and John Hamilton


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