How long will I have to wait to get my script read?

That depends on how often you come to meetings and how many people have scripts in line. It is possible to queue jump if someone drops out or you need feedback quickly.


You've read my script already but I've made changes – will you read it again?

Yes. Again, how soon we get round to it depends on how many scripts are in line and how often you attend the group.


When is the best time to bring my script to the group?

Your first draft will often have issues that you can fix yourself, so we suggest you submit the script at a stage when you're happy to have it read but are still willing to do heavy re-writes. The group is very good at seeing other directions a script could take and you can make the most of the feedback if you're still willing to make changes.


My script isn't that funny... will the group read it?

If it isn't that funny because it is an early draft, that's fine. You'll get lots of useful feedback to make it funny. If the script is not intended to be funny, then this is not the group for you. 


How many people attend?

A typical meeting hosts 30-40 members.


Who's in charge around here?

The group is run by Robin Bailes and a few regular members. See who does what


How do I know someone won't steal my great idea?

You don't. But, given the volume of people who attend our meetings, plagarism would be pretty hard for someone else to get away with. However, do bear in mind that people occasionally come up with the same ideas. We send scripts out as print only PDFs, but it's always a good idea to keep all your drafts and character plans anyway. 


What can I do with my finished script?

You can submit it to one of the competitions featured in the Opportunities section of this site or to one of the many places that accept unsolicited material.


I'm looking for a writing partner – can you help?

Members of the group often collaborate so come to a meeting and ask around. You can also ask us to inlcude a message in the WLTM section of the website and in the weekly newsletter.


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